Showbox to Chromecast: Streaming online is made a simpler and easier process as with the introduction of the Showbox app. It works fine on all the operating systems and Chromecast isn’t an exception. Stream all your favourite movies and tv shows on the Chormecast supported devices as with the help of the Showbox app. Although it is an Android app, you will get all of the features to be accessible as with Showbox for Chromecast. The only difference is the download and installation procedure of Showbox on Chromecast supported devices. With this, you will be able to stream high-quality video contents like Showbox movies, tv shows, series, music, gaming, podcasts, and much more. It is the most excellent video streaming apps available in the store as with the biggest collection of video streams available in the Showbox to Chromecast. You can use Showbox Chromecast app with or without an internet connection as it supports not only streaming but also downloading the videos from the web.

Showbox for Chromecast
Showbox for Chromecast

With Showbox Chromecast streaming, you will be stream and download any videos in the HD high-quality. You no more have to depend on the television to watch any of the tv shows and movies, rather you can opt for this online tv app. You can choose the video resolution in which you can download the videos and stream them in just the way you want it on your device. There is a wide range of categories available in this app and you can opt for the specific category for better streaming. Use the built-in search bar to get a dedicated search result for every other video you are searching for as with the Showbox Chromecast. Find all of the details of the video you wanted to stream like the trailer, director, size, genre, cast, and more such contents. You will never be charged for the streaming as with this tool as it is a freeware application. So you can stream videos and movies for free at the cost of zero now on your Chromecast supported devices. You can now get into the article to know about the steps to stream Showbox to Chromecast supported devices along with the features of the Showbox app.

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Features of Showbox for Chromecast

You can get into the below section of this article to know about the salient features of the Showbox on Chromecast just before casting Showbox video on to your device.

Showbox for Chromecast
Showbox for Chromecast
  • To access the Showbox application, you need not require any login or sign-up process as to access all of the salient features of it.
  • You can stream any media contents right on the chromecast supported devices like movies, tv shows, series, sports, music, gaming, and more.
  • It is easy to stream high-quality video contents in wide language support and in varied topics as with Showbox Chromecast App.
  • With an internet connection, you can let enjoy streaming Showbox movies and tv shows for an unlimited time for free.
  • You can even download any videos with internet and watch them even without an internet connection at a later point in offline mode.
  • The videos are classified under a wide range of categories and genres and you will be able to search for a specific stream as with the dedicated search bar of Showbox app.
  • The videos in the Showbox to Chromecast are in high-quality and thus you can choose the video resolution for both streaming or downloading the videos with the Showbox for Chromecast supported device.
  • Showbox app has a frequently updated database and thus you will be able to let enjoy streaming any of your favourite videos, movies, tv shows, and more of any time.
  • With the built-in media player, you can stream your tv shows, movies, and more as with the media player application.

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How to Stream Showbox on Chromecast?

To stream Showbox to Chromecast supported device, you can follow the below steps and access all the features of this online tv app on your device with ease.


The old versions of the Showbox app can be used with the MX Player as it supports Chromecast. It works just the like the Local cast and AllCast. However, in the recent updates, this feature has been removed. With this, casting movies, and TV Shows on the Chromecast enabled TV is possible as with the help of the Growbox for Showbox app. Grobox is just the way similar to the MX Player. Follow the steps given below to download Growbox app on your smartphone easily as to Chromecast the videos using Showbox app.

Step 1: At first, you have to go to Settings > System > enable Allow installation of apps from the Unknown Sources option.

Showbox for Chromecast
Stream Showbox to Chromecast

Step 2: Now you have to open your browser and visit the trusted website of Growbox app and download the application on your smartphone.

Step 3: Just click on the download Apk file button to download Growbox app. You have to wait for its downloading to complete and get installed on your device.

Step 4: Click on the logo of the Growbox app and accept the app permissions to access its features.

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Steps to Stream Showbox on Chromecast By Using GrowBox

Once after the installation of the Growbox app, you can follow the given steps to stream Showbox on Chromecast devices. Make sure your Chromecast device is plugged into the TV, just before proceeding to Chromecast the Showbox videos.

Step 1: With this, you need to download LocalCast or AllCast app and install it on your smartphone.

Step 2: Open browser on your smartphone to download Showbox apk file from any trusted third-party source.

Step 3: You have to open the screen casting apps like the LocalCast, AllCast or any other screen casting apps which you have downloaded and installed on your smartphone.

Step 4: Now you have to uninstall the MX Player as with the installation of the GrowBox app. It is because if you keep the MX Player app, then the Showbox will continue to use it and you will not be able to cast your Showbox videos.

Step 5: Open Showbox app on your smartphone and choose your favourite movie or tv shows to open. Tap the Watch Now option and with this, the Showbox movie will begin to play in the GrowBox.

Step 6: You will find three dots in the top right corner of GrowBox and you can just tap on it to open it. It will show you a list of menus from where you need to go to the tools and then tap on the Share option.

Showbox to Chromecast
Stream Showbox to Chromecast

Step 7: You will now be able to see the list of video player apps displayed that can play the files. Just click on the Allcast or the respective casting app you have installed.

Step 8: Now configure the connection with the Chromecast enabled TV, and you will be able to watch all your favourite video contents on your bigger screen.

Hope the article about Showbox for Chromecast is useful to in dealing with it. In case of any queries, you would comment to us and we will help you out.