There are a plethora of online video streaming apps made available in the market of which Showbox is one among them. Staying tuned with your favourite tv shows, movies, series, music, news, sports, and more other contents has been made more reliable than ever as with the help of Showbox application. It is the best ever cord cutter that will bring all the tv contents to stream it on your preferred device. As it isn’t available officially, the only way to get Showbox is by downloading its apk version. As it is downloaded from the third-party site, you may face Showbox not streaming issue at the rarest case possible due to numerous reasons.

With this, you will not be able to stream Showbox videos. So it is vital for anyone to fix Showbox not streaming issues as to get uninterrupted streaming experience. With the constantly updated database of Showbox app, you will get access to the ever growing collection of video streams online. Upon resolving this issue, you will be able to stream or watch your favourite videos in high-quality with ease. If you are facing Showbox not streaming error on your device, then get into the article as it will guide with the possible ways to resolve it in detail.

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Possible Issues & Fix – Showbox Not Streaming

Given are the possible issues along with the respective solutions to fix Showbox streaming issue. So you can try resolving the Showbox not streaming issue as with any of the following fixes given here in this article.

#1. Check Internet Connection

If your device isn’t connected to the internet, then you may get Showbox not streaming error on your device.

To Fix:

  • You should ensure your device has an active internet connection. It may possibly fix streaming issue with the Showbox app.

#2. Video May Not Be Available

The part of the video or the entire video that was once available will be removed or made unavailable due to the geo-restriction. In such a case, you will get Showbox not streaming issue.

To Fix:

  • You can try installing a VPN app on your device to unblock the geo-restrictions and thereby stream any Showbox movies and videos.
  • If you still face the same issue, then the video would be removed permanently and you should wait for Showbox app to add it back.

#3. Server Issue

There may be problem with the server of Showbox app itself and it may be the cause of this issue.

To Fix:

  • When it comes to server side problem, then there is nothing to deal with from the user side.
  • So you should wait for the Showbox app itself to fix up the server issue and with this you can stream videos without any problem.

#4. Old Version of Showbox App

When you are using the old outdated version of Showbox app, then it may lead to streaming issues.

To Fix:

  • You should update Showbox app with the latest version and with this, any of the bugs and issues with the old version will be removed.
  • Uninstall the existing Showbox app on your device and download a fresh version from any trusted third-party website.
  • It will in turn fix Showbox not streaming issue on your device and you will be able to stream high-quality contents.
Click Update
Click Update

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#5. Issue with Cache Memory

When any of the above fixes din’t resolve Showbox not streaming issue, then there might be problem with cache.

To Fix:

  • When the cache memory of Showbox is full, it may sometimes lead to streaming issues.
  • To resolve it, you have to go to Android Settings to click on Apps section. Now choose Showbox app to click on Clear Cache option under Storage section.
Click Clear Cache
Click Clear Cache

Winding Up

You may try any of the above fixes to get rid of Showbox not Streaming issues. With this, you will be able to stream unlimited video contents online without facing any issue and complications. If you still have any queries, share it as comments.