Showbox for Xbox One/Xbox 360: Showbox is an emerging online streaming application with which you can let enjoy streaming videos made available on the web. It is truly an entertainment app with which you will get absolute fun when it comes to streaming online. It works on multiple platforms, and there is no wonder you can install Showbox for Xbox One/Xbox 360 consoles. Upon following this article, you would get to know the procedure to download and install Showbox on Xbox One/ 360. With this, you will be getting all of its features accessible on the console devices. Showbox is a two-in-one app that functions as an online streaming app as well as the downloader. Thus you can stream and watch your favourite movies and shows both online and offline. Streaming on Xbox is an added advantage as it lets you play the console games as well. With an internet connection, you can use Showbox for Xbox 360 app to stream any kind of videos on your Xbox One devices for unlimited time with zero cost.

Showbox is one of the most popularly used video streaming app with which you can get connected to all your favourite movies and tv shows. With an internet connection, you will be able to download any Showbox video streams and watch the same without any internet connection. One of the most important things is that all the video contents you stream via Showbox on Xbox supported devices will be of high-quality and thus you can stream them in the best quality ever at any time with an uninterrupted internet connection. From the biggest collection of database, you will surely get the videos as the Showbox app has been constantly updated. Showbox for Xbox 360 will never let you down when it comes to streaming anything from latest to oldest movies or shows.

Showbox for Xbox One
Showbox for Xbox One

By choosing the category with Showbox Xbox One app, you will be able to let enjoy streaming your preferred contents. You can even use the dedicated search bar to type the name of the video and Showbox for Xbox 360 will definitely amaze with precise search results. So whenever you want to watch such contents using the Xbox app, you can opt Showbox Xbox 360 app. From the home page of every other video, you will find the stream and download button and thus you can choose the right one respectively. There are a plethora of genres available as with the Showbox movies and videos and thus you can choose between action, adventure, Comic, Thriller, Romance, and much more. You can even filter the film based on the IMDB ratings, genres, and year of release as the Showbox app will save both your time and effort.

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Features of Showbox for Xbox One/ Xbox 360

Just before downloading and installing the Showbox for Xbox One/Xbox 360, it is important to know all of the features of the Showbox Xbox One/ 360 app. Get down to know all of its features.

Showbox for Xbox One
Showbox for Xbox One
  • You can watch or download any video streams for free as with the ShowBox for Xbox One/Xbox 360 to stream videos instantly.
  • Showbox is an online movie and tv streaming app that works with the internet and lets you stream your favourite movies, tv shows, series, and more.
  • No login or sign-up required to access all of the salient features of the Showbox on Xbox 360.
  • With the frequently updated database, you can choose your favourite videos from the biggest collection of streams as with the Showbox Xbox 360 app and watch them on your Xbox devices.
  • Watch any of the videos you have downloaded earlier with the internet and let enjoy watching them without internet connectivity.
  • Showbox movies and other video streams available in it are of high-quality and it even gives you the choice to choose the video quality in which you want to download or stream.
  • All the videos will load instantly and thus you can let enjoy watching the Showbox videos and movies with low buffering.
  • With the dedicated search bar, you can instantly search for your favourite Showbox movies and tv shows and stream them on your Xbox consoles.
  • Select a category or classification and watch or stream video contents from that specific genre as with the Showbox for Xbox 360.
  • With the built-in media player, you can easily control the video playback easily as it has included all the standard playback tool support.
  • You can filter the videos based on the genre, IMDB ratings, year of release, etc and thus the Showbox for Xbox One gives search result based on it.

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How to Download Showbox on Xbox One/Xbox 360?

As Showbox is accessible on multiple platforms, Xbox consoles aren’t an exception at all. Although it is a native Android app, you can still access it on your Xbox One if you follow the steps given right below. With this, you will be able to let enjoy streaming movies, tv shows, and more on your Xbox consoles for free with ease. Make sure you have an Android device and get to follow the steps in the right order to download Showbox for Xbox One.

Step 1: You have to download Showbox Apk on your Android device at the first from the third-party website. Make sure to enable Unknown Sources from the System < Security.

Step 2: Just before initiating the streaming on the Xbox console, you have to check if the Play To option is turned on on your Xbox.

Step 3: Now you have to connect your Android smartphone and the Xbox One or Xbox 360 on the same network.

Step 4: You have to download and install either LocalCast or Allcast app from the Google PlayStore on your Android device.

Showbox for Xbox One
Showbox for Xbox One

Step 5: After the completion of the installation procedure of the casting app, you can search for the Xbox that is connected to the same network.

Step 6: Open the Showbox app on your Android device, then tap on any movie or tv shows and then select the other player options.

Step 7: Now you have to open with the Localcast option.

Step 8: If you cannot find the Xbox changing the Discovery settings, then you can select the “DLNA Renderers.”

Step 9: Tap on the “Restart WiFi.”

Step 10: You have to select the Xbox console connection available and then initiate the connection.

Step 11: Now the Xbox connected device screen will show the streaming and you can control the media quickly using the button on your device.

Hope the article dealing with Showbox for Xbox One/ Xbox 360 is useful. If you have any queries, you can comment us below.