Showbox for PS4 and PS3: Use your PlayStation consoles to stream your favourite video streams from the web as with the help of the Showbox app download. So you can use your gaming consoles now as a streaming tool and stay entertained by watching movies and shows. With Showbox for PS4 and PS3 support, you will be getting the ultimate fun and entertainment when it comes to streaming videos online. Although Showbox app is designed to be an Android app, you can still access it and its features on the different platform. PlayStation isn’t an exception and you can use the Showbox app on it with ease. The only difference is the installation procedure and you will be able to use all the features of this online tv app. Right from this article, you will be getting the guidelines on how to download and install Showbox on PS4 and PS3. So you no longer have to depend on your television to watch the live tv shows and movies. Rather download Showbox for PlayStation and stream your favourite contents instantly on the go with ease. With an internet connection, you will be able to let enjoy streaming movies, tv shows, news, and more contents for free.

Showbox for PS4
Showbox for PS4

Download Showbox for PS4 as to let enjoy streaming video contents in high-quality right on your console. With the choice to download option, you will be able to pick the video resolution in which you wanted to stream or download the respective videos from its homepage. With an uninterrupted internet connection, you will be able to stream your favourite streams online on your PS4. The video will get loaded instantly and thus you need not wait for the video to get buffered. It is a light-weight app and thus it takes low-buffering time and you can let enjoy streaming online videos at a much faster rate than ever as with the Showbox for PS3. Even if internet fails, you will be able to watch those video contents which you have downloaded for offline access as with the Showbox for PS4. The database of the Showbox app for PS4 will be updated frequently and thus you will get most of the online video contents without a question. Use the dedicated search bar to find the required video with one tap and the built-in media player will help you play those streams.

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Features of Showbox for PS4 and PS3

Find all of the features of the Showbox for PS3/ PS4 at a glance from the below section of this article just before downloading it for your PS4 and PS3.

  • You can access all of the features of the Showbox PS4 app consoles without requiring any sign-up or login.
  • Stream any of the videos including movies, tv shows, series, news, music, and more such contents in the high-quality for free with an internet connection.
  • Showbox for PS3 supports downloading video streams to access it in the offline mode and with this, you will get entertained with this app even in the absence of the internet.
  • Select the category and the genre in which you wanted to stream your favourite videos for better output as Showbox app will let you stream the same with ease.
  • From the extensive collection of video streams in Showbox for PS4, you can choose to watch or stream videos from the most recent to the oldest classifications.
  • You can opt for the video quality for both streamings and downloading as with the Showbox for PS3. It is a useful feature for those who are running out of memory and data.
  • Filter the video you wish to watch via Showbox PS3 app with the genre of the movie, release date, IMDB rating, etc as to get absolute entertainment instantly.
  • All the videos you have opted to stream or download will be played on the built-in media player of the app and thus you need not rely on one another app for it.

How to Download and Install Showbox on PS4 & PS3

Showbox is an Android app and thus to access all of the features on the PS4 & PS3 needs some special steps to be carried out. From the below section, you can find the steps in which you will download, install, and access Showbox on PS4 and PS3 easily. Ensure you have an Android smartphone and follow either of the methods given below to get the salient features of Showbox on PlayStation.

  • Method 1: Steps to Download & Install Showbox on PS4 & PS3 Via Direct Method
  • Method 2: Steps to Download & Install Showbox on PS4 & PS3 using Pixel Media Server

Method 1: Steps to Download & Install Showbox on PS4 & PS3 Via Direct Method

Follow the given steps below to quickly download and install Showbox for PS4 & PS3 to let enjoy streaming your favourite videos both online and offline.

Step 1: At first, on your Android device go to Settings > Security > enable Allow installation of apps from unknown sources to download an Android apk file.

Step 2: You need to open your browser on your Android phone and type in as Showbox to search for the third-party trusted site. Click on the download button to download Showbox apk file.

Step 3: Just wait for the Showbox Apk to download and start its installation procedure on your Android device.

Step 4: Now, you can connect your Android device with your PS3 or PS4 device by using the USB cable.

Step 5: Now click on the Showbox app logo on your smartphone to open it. Now the Showbox app will open up with its home screen showing a list of available video streams classified under different genres.

Showbox for PS4
Showbox for PS4

Step 6: Finally, you can click on any of your favourite videos to stream it on the go immediately on your PlayStation with ease.

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Method 2: Steps to Download & Install Showbox on PS4 & PS3 using Pixel Media Server

It is yet another similar method with which you can install Showbox on PS3 and PS4 to stream any video contents online.

Step 1: To install Showbox Apk file on your Android smartphone, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

Step 2: Click to open the web browser your smartphone and search for the trusted site of the Showbox app to download it.

Step 3: Wait until the download of the Showbox app gets completed and starts its installation process on your Android device.

Step 4: Now you have to download and install the Pixel Media Server apk on your Android smartphone from third-party site. With this, you can easily share the digital contents straight from the Android device to the PS consoles.

Showbox for PS4
Showbox for PS4

Step 5: Open the Pixel Media Server on the Android phone and the video you wanted to stream using Showbox app. Click on the play option.

Step 6: Turn on the PS4 or PS3 console go to Settings > Internet Settings > enable Media Source Connection. With this, the Pixel Media Server will automatically detect the video you have selected with Showbox on Android and you can enjoy streaming Showbox contents on PlayStation.

Hope the article about Showbox for PS3 and PS4 is helpful to you. You can comment us below when in the case of any queries.