No other online streaming apps have gained so much popularity just the way Showbox has. Whether you wanted to stream movies or tv shows, Showbox will let you access anything you need under one roof. But in recent times, there was a huge roundup on Showbox and it has made unavailable to download. The developer of the Showbox has even marked its shutdown on Twitter. Due to several controversies, the Showbox app users started questioning is Showbox down completely. However, after the continuous unavailability, the distributors have made Showbox back to form and made it available.

Is Showbox Down
Is Showbox Down

For Now, Showbox is Back

Is Showbox down was the most often raised question by its users as soon as it has become unavailable. The reason for its shutdown started at the end of November when the Showbox is caught for uploading the illegal contents. With the copyright legal problems, the users of the Showbox app soon found it has not been serving. Initially, it was thought to be a minor bug and Showbox app users believed that it would be back. However, the issue continued for another week while a Showbox user has tweeted about the Showbox shutdown. Multiple other users have complained that they receive Connection error messages. Yet Showbox hasn’t officially mentioned whether this issue is temporary or permanent.

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Get to Know What Really Happened

The controversies around Showbox app made its users raise a question is Showbox down. You will find exactly what had happened from the section below. We would love to clarify the real thing that happened behind the shutdown of Showbox in brief.

On Dec 1st 2018, Showbox tweeted that their apk version is undergoing legal issues and its service has been declined.

On Dec 3rd 2018, Showbox itself posted on Twitter that it started functioning as with the new update. It has even intimated the users to download Showbox Apk from the third-party sites as due to legal issues, it cannot be downloaded from its official site.

Later on Dec 5th 2018, there was a tweet that requested the users to delete the old version and try downloading Showbox from third-party site.

On Dec 6th 2018, Showbox mentioned that the issues other than phone or tablet like Chromecast cannot be fixed on their end.

On Dec 11th 2018, Showbox tweeted that is has been working to fix issues with servers and stability to the maximum extent.

By Dec 16th 2018, Showbox tweeted that is has completely back to its form and mentioned the most watched show as #TheFlash.

Later on Jan 11 2019, there was a tweet from Showbox and it mentioned their servers have again run into some issues. It was again down and it stopped updating new shows and movies.

Finally on Feb 14th 2019, Showbox mentioned that there is a new Showbox released and it has come up with lots of performance upgrades and new movies.

As of Mar 1st 2019, Showbox has made some more updates to the app and is back to its old form as of now.

So the Showbox app after its continuous update is found to work as usual. However, you have to download it from the third-party website only. As Showbox has many copyrighted contents, you must be safe while downloading the videos and accessing the entire app. Since it isn’t available in its official website, there is a high chance for Showbox app to get crashed at any time.

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