What you need to know about the controversial ‘furry’ furries

A furries movement is on the rise in America and many believe it could lead to a resurgence of the animal rights movement.

The furries, who have a thriving online presence, have created a movement that is growing and expanding in popularity with the support of social media, the internet and celebrities. 

On Monday, the Furries of America, or FOTA, held a conference to discuss the furry community and how to best address the issue.

FOTA organizers say the movement is growing because of an online community of people who want to be seen as compassionate and caring. 

The conference was held in Phoenix, Arizona.

It was attended by celebrities including Justin Timberlake, who has publicly supported the movement. 

At the end of the conference, organizers said the community had made a lot of progress, and a few more steps would be needed. 

“I want to remind everyone that we still have a long way to go,” the conference said.

“But we’re here to tell you that the furries of today have a huge opportunity to become a force in the animal movement.

They are an important part of the movement, they are part of our future, and we owe them a big thank you.” 

Some in the furriness movement are worried about the reaction from other members of the community, who claim they’re being targeted because they’re gay. 

Furry supporters say that the movement can have negative consequences for those who identify as gay.

A few people are worried that the FOTA conference will spark a backlash from the other side, including the Furry and Human Rights Campaign. 

Gay and transgender individuals are underrepresented in the furry fandom and many have been harassed and harassed online for their sexual orientation. 

It has become a major social issue in the US.

In 2016, the American Psychological Association issued a statement stating that the furry movement was a “fringe” movement and that the “general public is not comfortable with its practices.” 

But some furries say they are still welcomed in the community and have a positive impact on society. 

A recent survey conducted by the Furrie Association showed that 71% of the furry enthusiasts surveyed support same-sex marriage.