‘Free’ video calls can save you up to 50% off in the UK

Free video calls, the next generation of pay phones, are on the rise in the United Kingdom, with the country’s mobile industry already reeling under the fallout from the fallout of the iPhone 4’s lack of support for free calls.

Free video calls allow users to record and share videos on their smartphones, giving them access to thousands of free music and sports videos for their favorite celebrities.

The technology was initially launched by the UK’s telco Vodafone in 2008, but was rolled out in 2014 to cover a wider range of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and mobiles.

Vodafine said the technology had been developed to provide an easier and more convenient way to watch music videos without spending more money.

“With the growth in the free video calling market, Vodacom is now able to offer the same value of video calls to all Vodas customers, while still providing the flexibility to offer our customers the choice to pay for these services through our pay-as-you-go service,” Vodacon COO Andrew Williams said in a statement.

The UK is one of the most mobile-rich nations in the world, with almost three million people on landlines and over 11 million on mobiles, according to research firm IHS Markit.

“The growth of the video calling industry has seen a substantial increase in the number of free video calls,” IHS UK managing director Michael Taylor said in the statement.

“We are working to introduce this new generation of call options for the UK market, and to deliver the best value for our customers.”