Trump, Clinton campaign team in battle for video background for Clinton’s presidential campaign

The two presidential campaigns have been battling to have their videos displayed alongside the official campaign videos on the Google homepage and Twitter.

The campaigns have clashed over whether the videos are appropriate to appear on the search giant’s homepage and in Google Plus.

Clinton’s campaign has been trying to have its videos shown alongside the presidential campaign videos, which were released after the 2016 presidential election.

The campaign released a series of videos showing Clinton on the campaign trail in New Hampshire and the state of South Carolina on Wednesday.

They included a video in which she and Trump talk about women, the Republican nominee said in South Carolina.

The campaign said the video was taken from the same location where the first video was shot.

Trump and his team have said the videos should be shown in full, and that they will show the first two hours of the third presidential debate, which begins Friday night.

Clinton has said she is happy to have her videos on YouTube but she believes the campaign should be showing the entirety of the debates.

“We are going to have the debate and the second debate,” Clinton said Wednesday.

“But there’s no question about the third debate.

It’s the debate, period.

We’re going to see what we can do to make it as successful as we can.

We have all the tools we need.

And we will have the best possible team that we can put in place.”

Clinton and Trump were scheduled to debate Thursday in Cleveland, Ohio.