How to get sexy videos in your inbox

A new tool is making it easy for people to share sexy videos.

Read moreA new tool called SexyVideos allows you to upload a sexy video of yourself or someone else in a private group, then share it on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels.

“It’s a really simple tool that is easy to use,” says Sarah Kiely, the creator of SexyVisions, which has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

It’s the same kind of tool that lets people share their own video of their favourite celebrities, for example.

It also has a simple interface where you can add the video to your queue, and choose a username for your friends.

Once you’ve added a video, the tool will show you how many followers your follower has, and how many times you’ve shared it.

“If you’ve got a million followers, then you can see all the followers you’ve ever had in a row,” says Kieley.

“And if you’ve only had 10 followers, you’ll see that the first 10 were retweeted.

If you have 50 followers, that’s the first 100 that you’ve had, so you know you’re sharing the most.”

You can also set up a time when the video will be available to view, and set a limit on how many people can see it at any one time.

It will also let you know how many of your followers have clicked on the link.

“We think it’s really great,” says Amanda Lippert, who works for the company.

“It’s super simple to use and it lets people really show their love for each other.”

Ms Lipperton is one of the founders of Sexy Videos, and says it has a lot of potential.

“You can share a video and the audience can share it,” she says.

“This is the first time a tool like this has been created for social media.”

People are really sharing these videos now, and they want to be able to see it, and share it in ways that are really fun, too.

“But what do people really want to share?

While SexyViders popularity is encouraging, the problem is it’s not easy to monetise.”

Our hope is to find a way to make it really sustainable, so that we can keep working on it,” says Lippet.”

When we started SexyVides, it was all about making a fun way for people in the industry to share their sexy videos.

“For now, SexyVids is only available in Australia, but the company is working to expand to other countries.”

Right now, we have a handful of countries where we’re in beta, so we can’t really announce where that’s going to be,” says Ms LippERT.”

But we want to expand the world, and we want people to be happy that they can share their beautiful videos with the world.