Why should a woman give birth in a woman’s room?

In India, it is often argued that women should give birth inside a woman as it would not be a “natural” thing for a woman to do, and thus a women’s room should be used to hold the baby, and the labour should be done inside the room. 

The argument is that because it is natural for a mother to have a baby while her husband is away, there should be space for the child to be born.

This argument was put forth by Raju Gowda, the author of the article, and Dalit activist and lawyer Pankaj Mishra, who was among those who made the argument. 

While there are many problems with the argument, Gowda argued that a woman should have the right to choose what to do in her home, and that a room for a child should be made available to the family. 

“A room for the baby is a natural part of a woman being a mother, but if a woman has a baby, then there should not be space left for her to give birth,” Gowda said.

“This is not a choice.

It is an act of giving birth.

The choice is the mother.” 

Mishra said he had given birth in the Akshay Kumar Manjunath Baba Baba Hospital in Hyderabad, a facility which is known for being a “safe haven” for mothers. 

This is the first time Gowda has addressed the issue of women’s safety in the state. 

On August 28, he called for the introduction of “Safe and Legal” norms in all hospitals, adding that a “national consensus” had been reached to do away with “unsafe and unsafe” practices. 

Gowda also said that the state government should also take steps to make “women safe” in public spaces. 

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