Purenudists are ‘free’ in China’s Purenutian State

China has long been known for its tight grip on the lives of its citizens.

But it has become increasingly difficult to watch movies and other content freely in the Communist country. 

And now a new study claims that a new form of online censorship is being used to control and even ban people from speaking freely online. 

The Purenuda, or free tribbers, are a new class of online activists who operate under the umbrella of the China Youth Online Freedom Movement. 

According to the research conducted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Purenudeas are used to censor speech in China, with they often using social media accounts to organize protests and create “fake news.”

The Free Tribbers report a “deeply worrying trend in the social media sphere” in China.

“In recent years, Chinese citizens have increasingly begun to use social media as an important tool to expose the corrupt, abusive and abusive regimes in China,” the study stated.

“Social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram have been heavily used by these groups to disseminate fake news, misinformation and other disinformation.”

The study also said that “Purenudist activities have evolved into the creation of social networks and websites where the Purenuds use to publish their ‘fake news.'” 

Purenudea activities include using social platforms to create “trolls” to report on their “unethical and unethical political activities,” as well as “revenge for perceived injustice,” as The Daily Beast reported. 

A recent video of Purenudes was recently removed from YouTube after its users expressed their disapproval of the content.

In March, a group of Purea activists in Beijing staged a demonstration to demand that authorities “exercise greater control over the Internet” in an effort to “cleanse” the country of the “criminal elements” that they claim are responsible for “all the ills of China.”

A video posted by Purenudo on YouTube was recently taken down by the site’s administrators.

 “The Chinese people have to choose their own destiny and they have to decide how to live their life,” Purenutea leader Zhang Xiaojuan said in the video, according to The Associated Press.

“If we have the courage, then we can decide how much control we want over the future of China and its citizens.”