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A little girl from a remote island in the Philippines is getting an extra boost from her internet connection when her internet provider is upgrading her broadband.

The internet access for the 7-year-old, named Lilah, was upgraded to 10 megabits per second in March.

She said she used to get 10 megabytes a month but now gets 20.

Her internet connection is also being upgraded to allow her to make and upload videos on her own.

She has a laptop and a tablet, which she uses to make her videos.

“I’m always busy with school, homework, shopping, and school projects, but I never really have any time to be in front of the computer,” Lilah said.

Her parents say that her internet access is the only thing that’s keeping her going, despite the cost.

The internet service costs about $400 a month, which Lilah says is a bit much.

“This is the first time that I’m able to do it with free internet.

We didn’t want to pay anything, so we just paid a little bit,” she said.

A local internet service provider told Reuters that it had upgraded Lilah’s internet to 10mbps to enable her to do more with her laptop.

The Philippine government said in a statement that the upgrade was part of a nationwide rollout of “high-speed internet access” and “federal government funding” for the country.

The Philippines has one of the highest rates of internet connectivity in the world, at a rate of around 10.3 megabit per second, according to the World Bank.

Lilah said she hopes the upgrade will allow her and other children to enjoy better internet access.

The price of internet access in the Philippine capital of Manila has increased by around $50 per month since the upgrade.