How to take advantage of YouTube’s $50 ad-free offer

A few weeks ago, the video-sharing platform was selling ad-supported videos to advertisers for a hefty price of $50 a month.

Now, Google has announced a deal with YouTube that will give YouTube subscribers the ability to view free videos on its platform for a few dollars per month.

The deal, which comes with no restrictions on the type of videos you can watch, will be available for free until December 31, the company said.

“We are excited to announce a new program that we are offering to YouTube subscribers who want to view video on YouTube for free,” Google Vice President of Advertising and Product Management, Jason Brown, wrote in a blog post.

“This is our third time working with YouTube to deliver this service and this is the first time it’s been free for all YouTube creators.”

While it’s still unclear whether this new ad-funded video service will ever make its way to consumers, the offer could potentially help YouTube grow its subscriber base and boost the company’s revenue.

For the time being, YouTube is offering a $1 per month video subscription option to subscribers of its YouTube Red subscription program, which offers ad-blocking options.

However, YouTube recently updated its YouTube for Android app to include a $10 ad-subscription option that lets users watch videos for free without the need to subscribe to the premium version.