What’s your best Bisexual B-Movie?

I was wondering what my best B-movie was, and if there were any good ones, or if they weren’t the best.

For the purposes of this list, I’m talking about the kind of films that I enjoyed watching as a teenager, but then also enjoyed again as an adult.

Some of them are great, some are pretty awful, but I think that there’s some great films out there, and that’s something to keep in mind.

If you’ve seen one of these, then you probably have some great thoughts.


Tender Bodies (2010) Tender Bones is a movie that I actually don’t think anyone should watch without their parents.

It’s basically the story of two people who are in love, and it’s pretty hilarious.

It features the likes of Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, and Jessica Biel, among others.


Tenders of Love (2010).

If I were a parent, I would probably want to watch this film.

It has some fantastic characters, and is about as PG-13 as you can get.

But I wouldn’t want to. 3.

Bachelorette (2009).

The most fun part of this film is the actual wedding.

You get to see a bunch of different couples go through this whole thing together, including one couple who is actually a stripper, and a couple who are actually a couple in a band.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2007).

This movie is a bit of a departure from most of the B-movies I’ve seen.

There are only four characters in this movie, and each of them has their own backstory and backstory issues.

But they all seem to love each other, and their wedding is a good one.


The Biggest Secret (2008).

There’s a great performance from the cast of this movie.

And I like it. 6.

Tango & Cash (2006).

I’m not going to get into a great discussion of this one, but it’s a fantastic B-plot that I could definitely watch again.


Sweet Home Alabama (2006) This is another B-story, but this one is about a couple that get married.

The only problem is that they end up having a really weird, crazy, awkward marriage.

It is a lot of fun.


The Last Kiss (2007) I think this is one of my favorite B-films of all time.

It tells the story about a young man and a woman who go to the beach together, and this really is a wonderful marriage story.


Biggest Loser (2008) Another great B-Plot, and another movie that has a really great cast.

It centers around a couple whose lives are pretty normal.

But after the couple has children, one of the kids turns out to be gay.


The Loneliest Man in the World (2007. 

2013) In the original version of this B-film, there are no women in the story.

I thought that this version is a little bit more PG-rated, and there are some really great performances by some of the actors.

But then again, there’s no women.


The Great White Way (2012) There are two other great B plots, and they are both about a married couple who fall in love.

The first is about two men, one in a romantic relationship, and one in an abusive relationship.


You’re The Worst (2009) You’re The Best, a B-Story that is set in a fictional town, where a couple of young people are having a family, and then there’s this huge fire, and the only people that survive are their dog and the townspeople.


The Best of Friends (2009.)

This B-Famie story centers around two friends who fall out of a group.

The group goes on a quest, and all the members have to survive in order to get home.


The Love Bug (2009. 



It’s another BF, but instead of a married pair, it’s about two friends whose relationship is broken.

The characters are also in a relationship.

This B-Script is just really good.


The Marriage Plan (2009 2012.)

A B-Narrative where two people have to choose between their children and each other.

This one is a real hit with the cast, and has great performances from Jeff Goldstine, Amy Sedaris, and David Cross.


The Secret (2009 )This BMovie has the best cast I’ve ever seen, and also the best story.

It revolves around two sisters who live together.

It also has great dialogue.


The Wedding Plan II (2010.)

The story of a bride-to-be who has been cheated on