Wild winger Corey Perry: ‘I don’t care’ about ‘negative stuff’

Corey Perry has talked about the impact of what has been a rough couple of weeks in his life.

Perry, who missed four weeks with a concussion, also spoke out about the recent shooting in Dallas and how his teammates have been accepting of the situation.

Perth was on hand on Thursday to chat about his career with the Stars after the Stars beat the Wild 3-2 at American Airlines Center.

The Dallas Stars center said the team has a good attitude going into the playoffs.

He said the Dallas team has been on a roll this season.

He also said the Wild were a great team and are playing great.

He said it was a tough year for everyone.

We lost a lot of guys, we had a lot going for us.

I don’t think that we ever lost a guy for any reason.

The Wild defeated the Colorado Avalanche 4-1 on Thursday night.