How to disable YouTube video-blocking in the Mac OS X Yosemite update

Apple has confirmed to AppleInsider that it has released an update for its Mac OS 9.3 update to make it easier for users to disable the YouTube video blocking feature.

The latest Mac OS update to Apple’s operating system has brought a few features to the Apple TV as well.

One of those features is the addition of the YouTube API, which lets developers make and publish YouTube videos.

The YouTube API is also available for third-party apps and content creators, and allows users to create, publish, and manage their own videos on the service.

The feature was originally designed to be a free service, but with YouTube being free and open source, it is now available for all users.

The YouTube API was initially developed to help video creators improve their content by adding more videos to their catalog.

While there are some limits, the YouTube app itself is still capable of adding new videos.

Users can even add new videos to the library by selecting the video from the home screen and selecting “Add new video.”

If you need to disable this feature on your own, you can disable it by going to System Preferences > General > General Options.

You can also go to General > Video Settings and turn off the video blocking, as well as the “Enable” feature.